A Cam, a Car, an App – GLE 43 Coupe (1 of 2)

No specific goal, just cruising along look for nice locations to get a beautiful shot. And I am just getting back into the mood to play around in Photoshop in the past couple of month, which I really fell off of for the years before that. Anyway, hope you enjoy these and yes, it’s been a while I shot and posted these on Instagram… shame on me, but I am catching up now! Promise!

Pure Gold – Franzi

With the wonderful Franzi. I have had this idea in my head and I still need to work on it a bit until I get closer to the full idea though. I really like the outcome of this though. Love the idea of the brush-strokes on skins, when different textures, colors and so on. Funny enough last year I shot something similar to this too, which I will post soon-ish here, too. So keep an eye on the Blog.

Let it POP! – Model Photography

More of Franzi! I normally don’t do a lot of editing outside of Lightroom and I hate beauty retouching beyond some very basic stuff, but sometimes it’s just fun to play around with Photoshop and test the limits of Lightroom and so on. Hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

Asphalt Dining – or how I drove 5000km through Europe to cook a beautiful dish

Last year me and my friend Chef Reuven Schockner went on a roadtrip to Malaga, Spain for an Event with Mercedes-Benz. We took the opportunity to film the whole trip and also show the dish Reuven had come up with for this trip. Inspired by everything that a trip like this lets you experience. From Düsseldorf to Paris to Bordeaux to Bilbao to Madrid to Malaga and back.

Event Photography – Schloss Dyck with Ford Germany

Ford Germany was so kind to invite me to this years Schloss Dyck classic car Event, which some compare directly to Goodwoods Festival of Speed. To put a beautiful red cherry on top, we met at the Ford Classic garage and were allowed to pick a car from the fantastic collection to drive to Schloss Dyck from the Cologne Plant. The weather was fantastic, the roads free and the place full of fantastic cars. And people. And cars… and even more people. And more cars. As nice as it is to be there and see all those cars and enjoy…

Event Photography – Tanner Foust at Ford HQ

The Name Tanner Foust will ring a bell with most gear heads, videos of his Stunts will ring a lot more bells even and then there is Top Gear USA! ‘nough said! I can’t really remember the first time I heard the Name Tanner Foust or seen him race or do a crazy stunt but certainly was some time before I started following Ken Blocks craziness, who I for the first time really was aware of, a little before Gymkhana 1, so go figure. So when after the last Ford Event I was asked if I wanted join an internal…

Its Nismo time in Germany – Nismo Juke and 370Z

A few days ago I jumped in for a friend of mine to attend an event by Nissan for Radical-Mag. Nissan is introducing two cars of their high performance / motorsport brand Nismo in Europe and gave us the possibility to drive the Nismo Juke and Nismo 370Z. Not only did we drive on open roads as so often, Nissan had organised a very fun stunt workshop for us. It was very close to a Knight Rider Workshop actually. First thing we learned was doing a 180 turn with the Nismo Juke. So put the pedal to the metal in…

Ford Drive Blogger Event – say hello to my little friend.

It all started with Kai Petermann from Heldth who had organised a few photoshoots for his site with Ford Germany, all set around Fords first Blogger related Event. Ford Germany is based in Cologne, my hometown, and through that was always a presence when living here. From friends who work there to the big factory grounds and obviously the cars. It was a very nice two days which started with meeting Kai and picking up a Ford RS200 Rally car from the Ford Classic team. Crazy!!! I mean driving through the streets of Cologne in a classic rally car is super…

Event Photography – Land Rover Experience Tour End Qualification

A bit over a week ago we were part of the Land Rover Experience Tour End Qualification. When Land Rover approached me to cover the Event I was very excited. I have been to the Land Rover Experience Center in Wülfrath before if you remember and I am a Land Rover Fan for a lot of years so I had somewhat of an idea what was going to happen. Still there we quite a few surprises ahead of us. Lets start with some hard facts. 60 participants, two and a half days of learning how to use GPS, give first…