Air Land Water – Mercedes-Benz x Silver Arrows Marine x Airbus

This was on of the big one. It felt a little bit like an A-Team episode. Not the Film itself, but the production of it. A small team of highly trained media professionals goes out on a high stakes mission. OKOK. I might be getting a bit overexcited here, but I am very proud of what we did here. We is on the one hand Mr. Johannes Schlörb or Fuenfkommasechs, a wonderful Filmmaker and Effects Specialist and on the other hand the team of The blackdrone. Philipp Reimer and Rico Nowara. And me of course, but as for the moving…

Asphalt Dining – or how I drove 5000km through Europe to cook a beautiful dish

Last year me and my friend Chef Reuven Schockner went on a roadtrip to Malaga, Spain for an Event with Mercedes-Benz. We took the opportunity to film the whole trip and also show the dish Reuven had come up with for this trip. Inspired by everything that a trip like this lets you experience. From Düsseldorf to Paris to Bordeaux to Bilbao to Madrid to Malaga and back.

Fashion Editorial – Hugo Boss x Mercedes-Benz (part two of two)

Here we go with the second part of the Shoot in Paris with Hugo Boss and Mercedes-Benz. If you missed part one just follow this link. Besides the rest of the car only photos I also added the two test shots I did with a strobe when we were under that bridge. Not bad, but as I mentioned before it really didn’t fit the look and feel of the rest of the story. Enjoy and have a great day everyone!

Fashion Editorial – Hugo Boss x Mercedes-Benz (part one of two)

You remember my little trip to Paris a few weeks back with Mercedes-Benz and Hugo Boss, right?! Well you just got a few small glimpses so far and maybe some of the shots on their Facebook Pages. Here is my selection now finally. I’m going to split these in half and make two blog posts out of it, as I have quite a big selection. Plus I will post some of the car only shots mixed in. This was quite a small production and I didn’t even bring a dedicated assistant, so combined with the weather we were facing in…

Car Photography – Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series

And here we are with the last part of our trip to the Paul Ricard Raceway in France. The following text is again written by the fantastic Mr. Fabian Mechtel and make sure to check out the SLS AMG Electric Drive Post if you haven’t yet. Also for my German speaking friends check out our post over at Evocars Magazin. Enjoy and have a great weekend and actually I have a little something for you SLS fans coming real soon too that I completely forgot about. So let’s get started. Well, 571PS certainly are not enough. And the looks of…

Car Photography – Mercedes-Benz CLA

Photos: Me. Text: Fabian Mechtel Mercedes shrinked the CLS. And as more good news they added a some curves, bulges and lots of chrome. As a result the – so called – CLA is even better looking than ist bigger brother. Even if the back is again not particularly good looking. But there will be a Shooting Brake version of the CLA, so that will be fixed too. Despite that issue the guys at Mercedes are very excited about their new model. Not only because of the style, but because of its sportiness. Even if the CLA is based on…

Car Photography – Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive

A few weeks ago I was invited to a fantastic and exclusive Mercedes-Benz Event at the Paul Ricard Racetrack in France. It was day of great fun, lots of work and two of my most favorite things in the world, Driving great cars on a racetrack and shooting photos and videos of great cars on a racetrack! I will not go into detail here too much as you can read all about the first car over at Cool Hunting. So make sure to head over there! The fantastic Mr. Fabian Mechtel was kind enough to write for me and help…

event photography – leweb 2010 – paris

as about the same time last year this year again europe’s biggest and and best web conference, leweb. entrepreneurs, journalists, investors and bloggers come together and are given the chance to learn, communicate and succeed.

travel photography – hello again paris, hello again leweb

its winter again and this years leweb conference is right ahead of us. I will be photographing the event and blogging here and there and again this year I took the luxury of coming to paris a few days earlier and I will be leaving a few days after the conference.  

model photography – good evening from misti

it nearly has been a year since leweb09 and my shooting with misti and it was only at photokina that I rediscovered the not yet uploaded phtoos of misti and one in particular hit me.

model photography – misti

and the last batch of this mist set for you on this wonderful and sunny monday.

model photography – misti

yes!!! it is misti again! :-)   click on more for the other photos.

model photography – misti

its been quite some time, but I still hope you enjoy this little photo post of misti!