Whats in my bag / Every day carry – London

Tomorrow I am off to London for an overnight gig with Heldth and Victorinox which is going to be super fun and this is what’s in my bag and my EDC at the same time. Enjoy!

Whats in my bag / Every day carry

A long long time ago when the geeks still thought tht Flickr was cool and we regularly were hanging out in the Flickr Groups a, let’s call it, phenomenon came up and manifested itself, first in one and then in several groups call “What’s in my bag”. I guess you can call it a form of voyeurism. People showing the inner livings of their bags. Handbags, backpacks and so on. Even the occasional fanny pack. From books, to weapons, to headphones, mp3 players and on and on. You get the idea. Of course as humans are, you will find the…