Pure Gold – Franzi

With the wonderful Franzi. I have had this idea in my head and I still need to work on it a bit until I get closer to the full idea though. I really like the outcome of this though. Love the idea of the brush-strokes on skins, when different textures, colors and so on. Funny enough last year I shot something similar to this too, which I will post soon-ish here, too. So keep an eye on the Blog.

Apple Store Cologne City – Pre Opening

Today I had the pleasure of being invited to a little preview tour/event in the brand spanking new Apple Store in Cologne. It’s our second one here in Cologne and I have to say it is one of the most beautiful Apple Stores I have seen so far. And of any stores in general. It is located in (according to a 2008 survey) Europes busiest shopping street, Schildergasse. A lot of people pass by, everyone will see it. The Architecture is beautiful and Apple did such a beautiful job with the interior of the store. I obviously (!) shot all…

#roadtophotokina4 – our photo walk series + a group exhibition

Yesterday was Bens and my 4th photowalk of our #roadtophotokina series. The biggest one yet in terms of participants and a special one as we ended it with a group exhibition with Marie Schmidt, Immo Fuchs, Ben Hammer and myself.

Car Photography – Ferrari FF rough ‘n tough

In a perfect world the Ferrari FF would be the perfect photographers car. My workhorse. It seats four-ish people if it has to and has a quite big boot. It is very fast and gives the people sitting in the front seats a lot of space in its luxurious cockpit. I can tell that you can tell that I am a big fan of the FF. Also from its looks it is the most beautiful modern Ferrari so far. I shot this series of photos on one of the evenings of Photokina last year and I had a quite specific…

Teymur Visuals x BMW R nineT x Heldth

I don’t know if you know this feeling. Maybe it is something extremely gear head specific, but there is something to be driving alone in a car or on a bike in the middle of the night. No specific destination in mind. Rollin’ as the kids used to say. Since even before I had my license (psssssssst), I enjoyed cruising through the streets and out of the city on country roads to clear my head. No matter if I was depressed because of a girl or being stuck trying to finish a paper or anything in between. Of course it…

Model Photography – Karina Syndicus

A few weeks back I had the great pleasure of working with Karina Syndicus for a few hours on a beautiful afternoon. Thanks to Ben for getting us in touch! Four beautiful sets came together which you will see here over the next few weeks. Also shot some nice stuff with my old Hasselblad 500c/m and my Fuji Instax 210, that stuff will come soon, too!

Model Photography – Filiz

It has been quite some time that I worked with a model and I felt quite bad about that. I always enjoy working with people and when you dedicate some time and work with a model on a shoot it can be a very rewarding thing. And for me it’s the perfect counterpart to all my car and event work. So to get back into it I just ask Filiz who I got to know quite recently and we just went out with a few basic outfits, no MUA and my buddy Thorsten to help out. the First set was…

Ford Drive Blogger Event – say hello to my little friend.

It all started with Kai Petermann from Heldth who had organised a few photoshoots for his site with Ford Germany, all set around Fords first Blogger related Event. Ford Germany is based in Cologne, my hometown, and through that was always a presence when living here. From friends who work there to the big factory grounds and obviously the cars. It was a very nice two days which started with meeting Kai and picking up a Ford RS200 Rally car from the Ford Classic team. Crazy!!! I mean driving through the streets of Cologne in a classic rally car is super…

MixedBag – lets get 2013 rolling

Well well. We arrived in 2013, so lets see how this goes. First test in this new year was trying out an iOS based GPS logger for my phone and iPad that lets you export the .gpx file directly via Email and into Lightroom to geotag your photos. Worked quite well I have to say. I am still playing around with the logging times and accuracy,  but it will be great for the roadtrip. Besides that just a little mix of photos, enjoy and have great fist week in 2013! Teymur.