Pure Gold – Franzi

With the wonderful Franzi. I have had this idea in my head and I still need to work on it a bit until I get closer to the full idea though. I really like the outcome of this though. Love the idea of the brush-strokes on skins, when different textures, colors and so on. Funny enough last year I shot something similar to this too, which I will post soon-ish here, too. So keep an eye on the Blog.

Let it POP! – Model Photography

More of Franzi! I normally don’t do a lot of editing outside of Lightroom and I hate beauty retouching beyond some very basic stuff, but sometimes it’s just fun to play around with Photoshop and test the limits of Lightroom and so on. Hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

smart fortwo and forfour World-Premiere in Berlin.

Wednesday was the day of the big reveal of the two new smart cars. You might remember the shoot I did for Heldth. I really liked the smart forjoy concept car and I was very much looking forward to see what the final version would look like. I really do like it. the forfour more than the fortwo I think. Either way, here are the photos from the event. Enjoy!

Event Photography – MB Blogger Connect and re:publica 13

Here is basically my “best-of” from this weeks visit to Berlin. I really do enjoy this city a lot. At some point I really should look into staying there a bit longer and get some work in the area. Anyway it started all off with the Mercedes-Benz Blogger Connect last sunday. The Blogger Connect was a very nice Event where Mercedes-Benz invited a group of non-automotive Bloggers for a meet and greet. They also had invited three of their Designers and three Experts in different automotive fields to get some interesting talks going. It is always a wonderful thing to…

Event Photography – Land Rover Experience Tour End Qualification

A bit over a week ago we were part of the Land Rover Experience Tour End Qualification. When Land Rover approached me to cover the Event I was very excited. I have been to the Land Rover Experience Center in Wülfrath before if you remember and I am a Land Rover Fan for a lot of years so I had somewhat of an idea what was going to happen. Still there we quite a few surprises ahead of us. Lets start with some hard facts. 60 participants, two and a half days of learning how to use GPS, give first…

.:republica 2010 – the day before #rp10

ein kleiner vorgeschmack auf die re:publica 2010. fotos von gestern abend bei der pl0gbar im st. oberholz. mehr folgt! auch wenn die re:publica orga dem realtime web keine wichtigkeit beimisst. sehr schade, aber wir bleiben stark. teymur.