Whats in my bag / Every day carry – London

Tomorrow I am off to London for an overnight gig with Heldth and Victorinox which is going to be super fun and this is what’s in my bag and my EDC at the same time. Enjoy!

travel photograpy – vienna – day 3 – band practice

On day three Luca took me to band practice. What a fun jam. Way too loud, but lots of fun for sure. The photos are griddy, noisy and I think fit perfectly for the occasion, so enjoy!! Teymur.

MixedBag – Risotto vs. Panavision

Here a few shots from a few days ago when Luca was showing us his recipe for a fantastic Risotto. Absolutely delicious. Well I am taking this opportunity and the month of january to go completely Panavision on my photography. What does that now mean you ask?! Well… just that I will go away from the regular aspect ratio that my cameras sensors provide and I go widescreen for the whole month. 2.39:1 to be exact. Luca is joining in and even made the proposal to do another aspect ration for each month of the year. I guess I am…

MixedBag – lets get 2013 rolling

Well well. We arrived in 2013, so lets see how this goes. First test in this new year was trying out an iOS based GPS logger for my phone and iPad that lets you export the .gpx file directly via Email and into Lightroom to geotag your photos. Worked quite well I have to say. I am still playing around with the logging times and accuracy,  but it will be great for the roadtrip. Besides that just a little mix of photos, enjoy and have great fist week in 2013! Teymur.