Ghost in the Shell (2017) – Thoughts

My Youtube, talk into the camera, videos are not all going to be about gear, filmmaking, photography and so on, but also about stuff that inspires me, that goes through my mind and so on. So here we have a couple of thoughts straight after the cinema visit about the brand spanking new Ghost in the Shell movie with Scarlett Johansson. Enjoy! Teymur.

.:iron man – cologne edition

not sure if it was last year or when exactly when I saw the first pics of the hot toys iron man figure, but I wanted it right away. well… it took quite a while I got hold of one here in germany as I somehow didn’t want to order one via ebay. anyhow! I’ve always been a huge iron man fan, well… when I was much much younger and then again somewhere in between and the latest when all the fuzz about about the amazing iron man movie came up. so I finally got around to take a few…