Apple MacBook – Thoughts

So for my LA trip last year I had an Apple MacBook on loan from Apple to test. I was hoping to get a maxed out one with the m7 chip and all that, but that wasn’t available and I was sent the mid-range version and thought instead of writing about it I’ll record myself talking about it a bit. As I travel quite often for different projects and jobs it would be nice to have a smaller machine that can do most or all of the work I need to do while on the road. Minimizing gear normally is…

Nokia Lumia 1020. An honest opinion.

Through the kind introduction by Volker Weber, Microsoft (or Nokia) was kind enough to send me Nokia Lumia 1020. Including the very useful Camera Grip Cover and a Manfrotto KLYP tripod. A lot has been said about the Lumia 1020 and its massive 41 Megapixel Camera. And if you belive the hype it is the “Jesuscameraphone” we all have been waiting for. As far as I can remember all (or most) reviews and posts said that it was the best phone camera on the market, only rivaled by the iPhone 5 and 5s, but still superior to the Cupertino challengers.

Canon Legria Mini X – a first look.

A few weeks back, when I was in Hamburg for a Canon launch event, we were given the opportunity to be part of two workshops and test a variety of cameras. The one camera though that interested me the most was the successor of the Canon Legria Mini that I wrote about a while back. So I decided to run around all day and shoot with the Legria Mini X instead of anything else.

Gear Review – Fuji Instax

Fuji Instax Nothing more LoFi and Joyful than this system. I am not sure where to begin, Polaroid?! Lomo?! the iPhone, Hipstamatic, Instagram… FILM IS DEAD is what they kept saying and most of us believing. Back in the day. You know?! When we were young. Polaroid Lomo Hipstamatic Instagram Repeat like a Mantra! Somehow everything in the oldschool film photography realm dies and is reincarnated somehow… Polaroid to the Impossible project, filmscanners to iPhone to Polaroid scanners and the list seems to be endless. Yes everyone cries “HIPSTER!” when someone in a plaid shirt with a Lomo or Polaroid…