smart fortwo and forfour World-Premiere in Berlin.

Wednesday was the day of the big reveal of the two new smart cars. You might remember the shoot I did for Heldth. I really liked the smart forjoy concept car and I was very much looking forward to see what the final version would look like. I really do like it. the forfour more than the fortwo I think. Either way, here are the photos from the event. Enjoy!

Event Photography – Tanner Foust at Ford HQ

The Name Tanner Foust will ring a bell with most gear heads, videos of his Stunts will ring a lot more bells even and then there is Top Gear USA! ‘nough said! I can’t really remember the first time I heard the Name Tanner Foust or seen him race or do a crazy stunt but certainly was some time before I started following Ken Blocks craziness, who I for the first time really was aware of, a little before Gymkhana 1, so go figure. So when after the last Ford Event I was asked if I wanted join an internal…