Olga Kobzar – lesson in geology

Yes yes, I’m trying to be a bit funny here. Shooting with Olga was a blast and I think it shows. I am a bit busy with some personal stuff at the moment that really takes most of my energy, but the creative juices, as they say, are flowing and that process luckily helps to clear the head in between and to move forward. The goal for this year still is to shoot more. More personal and more client work. Hope you are all well and can enjoy your weekend. Teymur

Olga says hi!

End of last year I had the great pleasure of finally meeting and working with Olga Maria Kaminska. We shot a couple of beautiful sets. All shot in my “home studio”, as far as you can call it that at the moment. Hair and Makeup by the talented Katarzyna Jeziorowski. 😀 Fun times, even more fun results. Minimum to none retouching on all of them. Just don’t feel like it anymore. I hope you like them as much as I do. First set just coming up. more tk. kind regards, Teymur.

Dina lit up.

Nooooo, no no no. This is not a Christmas shoot specifically. I just like fairy-lights and how you can use them. Also one of the cheapest ways to light a model. Wonderful light nonetheless. Hope you all are having a good time ending 2016 as this year was quite an eventful one. Too much hate, fear and just stupidity out there which we need to tackle somehow. I don’t want to get political at this point really, but I just want to wish you all well and hope for a more uplifting 2017. For now please enjoy the photos I…

Leila LoFi – Model and Photoshop stuff

I was playing around in Photoshop a bit and trying some stuff and remembered I had these photos lying in last years Lightroom library. One thing added to the other and bandaning badabum we have a nice LoFi (80s/VHS) effect.

#roadtophotokina5 – our photo walk series

Yesterday we held our 5th roadtophotokina photo walk here in Cologne. We had the best weather we could have hoped for, a huge crowd of fun people (between 50-60 people) and a good route across town. Our walks are more about the the people and enjoying yourself than hardcore photo assignments and so on, but we still always get a nice collection of photos from everyone. The next and “last” one we had planned will be on Photokina friday and will be announced for sure on Bens and my Facebook pages and profiles, also on roadtophotokina.com or our Instagram channel….

An hour with Casey Neistat

A few month back when we shot that film for Mercedes-Benz in the south of France I had to the great pleasure of spending some time with and around Casey Neistat. Most people know him by now from his daily Vlogs and his viral Videos. From Aladdin on a flying carpet to Snowboarding through NYC behind a Jeep. My first contact with Caseys films was his NYC bike lane video back in 2011. And he started so much earlier with making films than that, but better lat than never. The one thing besides the whole hilarity, spectacle and all that…