Teymur Visuals x BMW R nineT x Heldth

I don’t know if you know this feeling. Maybe it is something extremely gear head specific, but there is something to be driving alone in a car or on a bike in the middle of the night. No specific destination in mind. Rollin’ as the kids used to say. Since even before I had my license (psssssssst), I enjoyed cruising through the streets and out of the city on country roads to clear my head. No matter if I was depressed because of a girl or being stuck trying to finish a paper or anything in between. Of course it is more fun the nicer the car or bike, but it is the feeling of control and freedom that makes it so powerful for me. Combined with muscle memory of driving for some time and maybe a nice tune in the background there is nothing that can beat this for me in terms of calming me down and clearing my head. Maybe exchange the music for the rumbling sound of a beautiful V8 or the Air/oil-cooled flat twin 4-stroke engine of this beautiful BMW RnineT.

R nineT

For this shoot we mainly had planned for the photos to be published, but I really wanted to shoot some video too. I had a very specific idea for the look of the photos and wanted the video to match the look as close as possible. gritty, rough with a certain elegance to it. The video was shot with the Nikon D810 outputting a clean signal to an Atomos Ninja Blade II. Recording ProRes422 really gives you some nice leeway. It’s not RAW video, but so much better than the compressed quality you get in camera. I really pushed the exposure as far down as I could to see where I could go on future shoots and it is quite stunning. I used the Walimex Pro Camera Cage, which seemed to be the only sub 700-900.- Euro choice available. The cage is kind of collapsible, light, but very sturdy and 379.- Euros quite a steal.

Hanging out of my Landy I wasn’t able to hold it too still at times, but it is such a great help for shooting stuff like this. I am very happy with the results. Editing all done in Adobe Premiere CC and that is basically it.

R nineT

R nineT

R nineT


  1. Cooles Video und super Tonspur! Passt total gut!
    Super gemacht. Gefällt mir, auch wenn ich das Mopped nicht mag. 🙂

  2. HAHAHA. Danke Dir. Hat auch echt Spaß gemacht. War so n bissel run and gun zwischendrin, nach der Kina und so… aber das macht es halt auch aus denke ich.

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