Fashion Editorial – Hugo Boss x Mercedes-Benz (part one of two)

You remember my little trip to Paris a few weeks back with Mercedes-Benz and Hugo Boss, right?!

Well you just got a few small glimpses so far and maybe some of the shots on their Facebook Pages. Here is my selection now finally. I’m going to split these in half and make two blog posts out of it, as I have quite a big selection. Plus I will post some of the car only shots mixed in. This was quite a small production and I didn’t even bring a dedicated assistant, so combined with the weather we were facing in those days I decided to go all available light only. Nice overcast and rainy days give you not so nice skies, but very even and nice lighting normally. At one point I tried a few shots with a strobe and a bare reflector, but it looked way too different and didn’t fit the style of the rest of the shoot. The crew was just fabulous and the rain wasn’t too bad, so we had a blast and I am liking the outcome for sure. I guess it’s more of a fashion editorial than anything else, but I am not a huge fan of all these genres and sub-genres… enjoy and as Joe McNally always says… more tk.





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