Whats in my bag / Every day carry

A long long time ago when the geeks still thought tht Flickr was cool and we regularly were hanging out in the Flickr Groups a, let’s call it, phenomenon came up and manifested itself, first in one and then in several groups call “What’s in my bag”. I guess you can call it a form of voyeurism. People showing the inner livings of their bags. Handbags, backpacks and so on. Even the occasional fanny pack. From books, to weapons, to headphones, mp3 players and on and on. You get the idea. Of course as humans are, you will find the occasional poser posts where people just put the most expensive stuff in there and so on and even those can be quite entertaining.

I have the feeling that it went away somehow and had somewhat recent renaissance. Specialised photo groups and dedicated pages are obviously very much to my liking and in my RSS reader, but also no photo “what’s in my bag” photos can be a lot of fun.

So you might think the “what’s in my bag” is the same as the “every day carry” and you are not totally mistaken. It can be, but doesn’t have to be the same. As the name says its about what you carry every day with you when you leave the house… it can be your keys, the phone and some gum or anything along those lines. Mostly stuff you carry on your person and not in a separate bag.

So why am I babbling about this stuff, well I decided to post both from now on on a regular basis. I will do the “What’s in my bag” posts before any trips I might take or before photo shoots. “Every day carry” posts I will not post every day, but every time my EDC changes. For example the stuff in the photo below is what I have been carrying around in this combination for quite a few weeks now. I will mix it up a bit more often than every few weeks. I for example never never leave the house (or at least try not to) without my trusty Field Notes notebooks, but might leave the camera at home and so on.


Tomorrow I will be on my way to Hamburg for an event with Canon Germany and this is, besides a little bit of clothing the only “gear” I will take. All of it goes into my trusty GoRuck GR2, which is not depicted here as I forgot… moving on… So I hope you enjoy these bits and pieces and have a great week.


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