Red Wing Store Munich for Heldth

The fantastic guys from the Red Wing Shoe Store in Berlin and Hamburg opened their third store last year in October in Munich. Kai from Heldth and I went down for the opening and to shoot a story for and get the story of those passionate guys running these fabulous stores.

The story in german over at Kais site so I hope you can either enjoy the story and the photos or just the photos. Be sure to check out their stores if you are in any of the cities or the great online shop they have. You won’t find any better service and selection for Red Wing shoes!


  1. I am a huge fan of Redwings, my wife would say fully addicted. I spend at least 2 hours or more the my phone looking at pics of Redwing boots. I been searching for years of a pair of 879 Hawthorne boots. I know they are very hard to come by but if there is any chance u could find a pair in size 6.5 or 7 US MEN that would be so great. U would make my year. I had a pair n they actual got stollen from me on the train in Manhattan. I wear Redwing boots everyday for work and everything else. I have over 40 pairs of Redwings and most of them are 877 or 875. I only wear or have moc toe boots bi actual got a tattoo of the Redwing logo. Thank u so much and if u come across a pair please keep me in mind. Thank u very much. Sincerely addiciated Redwing fan JoEy

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