Model Photography – a little bit of light for Estrella

No matter how much work you have, it is always so important to shoot personal work, try stuff you have never tried, or haven’t tried in some time and so on. So Estrella dropped by for a quick talk and some planning a some weeks ago and we shot these in the end. Quite a brief shoot, but a lot of fun and I love the results. Mainly I wanted to use my Hasselblad adapter again and this time on my D800. I used it a few years back in New York if you remember and somehow misplaced it for quite some time. In the dark lighting conditions we were in focusing was not really easy, as I did not use a mono- or tripod and adjusting focus on that old Hasselblad lens is a bit of work. but two shots of this final selection where shot with my Hassy lens.

A 80mm 2.8. As for the lighting, it was a bright sunny day here in Cologne and I basically just pulled the the black curtains shut, obviously left a little gap and just played with that. Last time I saw this, and obviously it ha been done before, was by my buddy Luca in this SET. I for my part wanted to get a bit rougher in terms of photo quality. more grain, more grit and so on. This certainly will not be the last shoot in this style as I really enjoyed shooting this set a lot. So I hope you enjoy it, too.


  1. Schönes Setup und tolle Bildesthetik. Schön mal wieder eine freie Arbeit von dir zu sehen! 🙂

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