Duffy Jewellery for Heldth

In September last year I had the pleasure of shooting a piece for Heldth.com in London for two days. One of the stories we did was visiting the very talented Duffy, a craftsman and artists who devoted his life to creating breathtaking jewellery. Creating his own designs or cooperating with for example Fashion labels.

Working in his workshop on the first floor of an old shed, creating everything by hand and as Kai from Heldth put it so well… “burning for his work” (you know what I mean).

Check his work out over at http://duffyjewellery.com/ and the original story on Heldth (in German).

Love this guy!


  1. Vielen Dank lieber Tom. Das macht schon sehr viel Spaß und grade Leute wie Duffy, die so unglaublich kreativ und begabt sind, inspirieren halt noch mal um ein vielfaches!

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