A bottle of Cardhu – from friends for friends

Cardhu Whiskey started its history back in 1824 when the smuggler John Cumming founded the distillery. In its long history a lot happened from cooperations with other big brands to wars and problems with the public perception. Nowadays Cardhu is back to its old glory and one thing that has not changed is the hospitality and charity. Back in the day every visitor was offered a glass of Cardhu and to carry on the tradition the agency started to share a bottle of Cardhu with friends, who in return not only shared their bottle with friends, but also recommend one of their friends for another bottle. So it happened to be that my friend Kai of Heldth got a bottle and recommended me for a bottle of my own. As for the photo, I wanted to test the new Canon G16 anyway and had a simple setup in mind. The light of a christmas tree for the background and as a little backlight, then instead of using my strobes or a classic setup I set the camera on the new carbonfiber Manfrotto 190 tripod, the camera on manual and to a long exposure. To f2.2 and a shutter speed of 15 seconds at ISO 80 to be exact. Then set a nice rich orange tone in Adobe PS Touch on my iPhone and started “painting” the light where I thought it would fit. I shout six frames and had the result I was going for, a little RAW conversion and here we are. The Bottle, glass and chocolate are set on a black glass plate to get the reflections right in camera and not to have to photoshop anything in in post. Have a nice sunday my friends.

Cardhu Whiskey Canon G16 first look. Canon G16 first look.

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