#mbrt13 – rollin rollin rollin

Touchdown LAX. #mbrt13

It is our third day and we are on the Interstate 40 towards Amarillo as I am writing this post. I wanted to post way before this post, but we have been quite busy and get less sleep than anticipated, so the time that I am awake after driving the legs of our road trip I mostly use for importing and backing up all the footage. If you want to stay completely up to date you should check my Twitter, Flickr and YouTube channel as I post to those daily and from the road. Our connectivity is not always given, but we manage to post some nice and interesting stuff all the time.

This is a repost off all those photos and video I have posted on those channels so far, as I decided to publish most of the photos and especially the videos after we arrive in Detroit or actually back home. Our poor ML 350 has to endure quite some abuse with all the electronics, chargers and converters we have plugged in, but it makes it so nice to be able to work a little in between too.

We are basically devouring the Interstates on our  way to Detroit, but despite the few hours of sleep we had so far, I am enjoying this trip a lot! we have the perfect cars to travel with, we drive through some of the most fantastic scenery and meet cool and fun people along the way. WINNING! We are doing this in four to five days, but I honestly could spend weeks along this route. Just pure awesomeness.

So I hope what you have seen so far and will enjoy the upcoming stuff as I will try to keep you up to date.

Take care,


Already leaving LA :-( #mbrt13

Six in the morning, Irvine here we come #mbry13

And we're off to Las Vegas. #mbrt13

Road Trip diary. Lets get some work done. #mbrt13

Mojave Desert. #mbrt13

So worth it. #mbrt13

My office right now. #mbrt13

Hoover Dam #mbrt13

Gassy. #mbrt13

From earlier this morning. #mbrt13

On the road again.

#mbrt13 Lunching.

#mbrt13 the scenery was just so great today.

#mbrt13 little photo shoot in between.

#mbrt13 last stop before Armadillo.



  1. Ahhh, wenn ich die ganzen Bilder uns Scenen so sehe, bekomm ich richtig Fernweh!
    Klingt nach einem Marathon euer Trip, aber schlafen könnt ihr dann wieder da Heim. 😉
    Ich hoffe ihr genießt das alles in vollen Zügen!

  2. Thank you guys!!! well. Even though you get exhausted a bit, its totally worth it and not all that bad. Glad you follow it!!!

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