social media and activity post – blogs, networks and so on


from time to time I think its ok to do this type of post… especially as a few new items have been added.


lets start with the new stuff.


I have added a few new tumblr pages to my old existing one.

the first one is FAVTASTIC! tumblr blog where I channel all my favorite photos from Flickr, 500px, Tumblr and video from Youtube and Vimeo to.

check it out and start following as there is a lot of good and fun stuff and much more coming!

then there is my M for Murder tumblr. a collaborative street photography photoblog. for now its me and my friend Luca, but more will join us over time.

M for Murder for me stands for a few things, it was triggered by my Leica M9 and Leicas history with this style of photography. Then there is the Hitchcock movie and its style and feel. One of my most favorite movies “M”, Fritz Langs masterpiece comes into mind for me… also the style and feel… the story about the city, the underworld… just feels right.

all my street related photography will go there from now on.

last but not least in my tumblr universe is my main tumblr blog STARPONY! this is mostly about titties and silliness. for sure not suited for work and not for everyone.


The there is my Flickr account! all, or most of my photos that go online I upload to flickr. I love Flickr and for me still the most important photo platform on the net.

Of course my 500px account. here I will upload just specific photos and sometimes things I haven’t uploaded anywhere else.


Here come the big social media guns:

My private Facebook account!

My Facebook Fanpage!

Google+ even though I am not too active at the moment there.

The, in my opinion, most important account in this category, TWITTER!


Ok what else can I point you to…

My Vimeo account of course.

Youtube should not be forgotten!

Uh nearly forgot my good old posterous account which surprisingly is for all the stuff in between.


I guess this is more then enough for one blogpost 🙂 thanks for checking in and stay tuned for some pretty cool stuff coming up soon!

have a great week,




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