Model Photography – Duality – Nicole (part II of II)

Duality - Nicole

you might remember the first post of this series.

Since then some time has past and some arguing about the editing of the photos. with the model, but also two buddies of mine.

I am not huge fan of editing skin and so on, I feel that the human body is beautiful as it is with all the features we all have and don’t see why it needs to be edited.

On the other side I understand that in beauty and glamour images you do this and there is nothing wrong with it, but for this series I initially wanted to not do that.

The model was unhappy and as I said two buddies of mine also mentioned that I could have done some editing to the photos. I still don’t agree with them, but as

I also was not in the big mood for doing this I saw a great opportunity to finally work with my buddy Thomas Reimann as a retoucher. He has great photoshop skills.

So he did the retouching on these two photos and I am quite pleased with the outcome, the model likes it and Thomas is happy too. Good thing that he prepared

the photoshop files so that you could adjust all the adjustments afterwards, which makes it so much easier if you are working over a greater distance and where I

can then go in and do little adjustments myself.

For a nice before and after head over to his blog and check it out.

Duality - Nicole

Have a great week and happy shooting!


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