Videotest – Bananen – a little test we did

Screenshot of a Video Test

A little test we shot yesterday evening which developed in about two hours or a bit less.

Watch it first and then read on if you want.



The setup was quite easy… the knocking part was shot on the side and Thorsten just knocked on a table and its lit with one litepanel. As we get to the part were I am sitting at the table we table we had one litepanel high up on a c-stand facing down on camera right. more of a rim light. and another litepanel on my left side through a trig rip diffusor to bring a little detail to my face. and for the third part we basically clam shelled Thorsten and then me with the two litepanels. though the one on the left was i  front of him and the one on the right behind him functioning as a rim light again.

All was shot with my Nikon D3s and a Nikkor 85mm 1.4 lens at I think f5.6 and ISO 200. All on a big Manfrotto Monopod and I think it worked great. And all was edited in Final Cut Pro X.

So much for this quick thing. let us know what you think.




  1. achwas.. aber wer lesen kann ist klar im vorteil :-b

    Musike ist von die haben da ne tolle Creative Commons Sektion und geschnitten isset mit FCPX.

  2. möp… ok… aber das mit Jamendo stand net im Text xP
    Danke dir für die Info!

    Musik zu finden is immer der Horror für mich!
    Es gibt zwar Seiten mit massig inhalt, aber wenn ich Mukke im Kopf hab, kann ich das schlecht in Suchbegriffe fassen… :-/

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