Website and Blog Redesign and Update – a fresh and more appropriate wind.

Teymur logo

Its been quite some time the first version of my website and blog went live. july ’08 if I am not completely mistaken.

So its was time to get a fresh wind into it and finally after all this time I finally have Logo!

Thanks to Thosten for shooting me for the Logo by the way!

And huge thanks to the itive team and their head of Design and Development Nicolas Pin for being so patient with me and doing such a great job!

We changed quite a bit, but kept the colors and feel.

Let me walk you through the page quickly.

In general we made the width of the page double the size to before. The landing page is wider and now shows in addition to before the last eight flickr photos instead of only one. update and redesign

The about page is nearly the same as before, but I changed the about me text and added some references. update and redesign

The blog has changed completely though as you will see. First of all, you will from now on only see thumbnails of the blogposts in a grid of three to five posts. no sidebar, no distractions. if you hover over a thumbnail, the title and date will be displayed and you can click on the thumbnail to get into the post. Also through the wider design now, I can fit more photos next to each other so the posts won’t feel as long as before. I might also go back and change the old posts to this format over time. On the bottom of the Page you have a tag cloud, the search field and the archives. update and redesign

Another huge change has been brought to the portfolio section. You now get a selection of five categories to choose from. Clicking any of the preview photos you come to a fullscreen view of that specific portfolio. On the bottom of the page you can open a thumbnail view of what is in the portfolio and you can navigate with either your arrow keys (left/right) on the keyboard or by clicking the left- and right hand side of the page. update and redesign update and update and redesign

SocialMe is basically a mix of my old sidebar and the links page. Here you will find all the links to my profiles, websites that I like and visit often, as well as a widget with the last ten shared items of my google reader account and so on. update and redesign

Last but not least is the contact page. pretty self explanatory, but with a little addition of an email form. update and redesign

Oh and very importantly the whole website and blog is 100% iOS and touch compatible. Also the Twitter display, now shows the last three tweets.

Please let me know what you think and of course if you find any bugs or so.

Have a great day, evening or night,



  1. Ist klasse geworden! Gefällt mir!
    Ich nutze hier in der Arbeit IE8 und bei mir zwigt das Twitter Plugin leider keine tweets.
    Aber IE8 ist ja auch schon uralt, wollts nur sagen.
    Ansosnten konnte ich nichts feststellen.

    Gratulation zum neuen Design! 🙂

  2. @T0m vielen Dank und sorry für die späte antwort… habe irgendwie keine Mail bekommen. Ich geb das mal weiter… aber wenn das alles ist, mache ich deswegen jetzt keinen Stress :-).

    @Andrea Thank you so much man! As always a pleasure.

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