B-Chased – a short film with and about the Mercedes Benz F-CELL B-Class

You probably remember how I went on a trip with Mercedes Benz for their F-CELL World Drive back in March.

f-cell world drive f-cell world drive

Well as you maybe also remember I did not only shoot a lot of photos but me and Alex also planned on shooting a little short film. Our buddy Gonzague also was in so we used our car as the playground and the road as our canvas… or something like that  🙂

f-cell world drive f-cell world drive

Me and my buddy Sven sat together and thought about a little story for this. outlined it, made a shotlist and thought with enough time we would be able pull it off. well lets put it that way… we underestimated the time we had… and the limited crew and experience made it a bit harder…

f-cell world drive f-cell world drive

Another problem was that the Editor who had promised me to help out, jumped ship, so I had to edit everything myself. I have some experience editing, but a short film or even full length movie will benefit from an editor with enough experience. anyway, with my busy schedule in the past few weeks it really got me to my limit time wise. Also the voice over had to be dropped because of that, but I think it still works as it is. I wanted to drop it rather then having something that wont work at all.

f-cell world drivef-cell world drive

Anyway here we are with the finish product and I hope you enjoy it. It is not perfect, but a good first try and with differnt planning, a bit bigger and more experienced crew this obviously would have gone down a bit better… also a more modest plan 🙂



enjoy and have a great weekend! certainly let me know what you think of it!




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