I’m still here, on the road – Road Trip Update

It’s been a while since I gave you an update on the road trip longer than 140 characters or via a Random 5 post.


After our hardcore drive from Houston to Las Vegas in one go we really were exhausted. On top of that good ol’ Ceasars Palace in Vegas wanted to get funky with us which delayed a good relaxed evening for a few hours. But the wonderful Palms Casino stepped up and made us an offer we could not refuse. And I am already looking forward to my next stay there.

Random 5. Welcome to Arizona and still driving edition.Random 5. 800 miles down 600 more to go edition.Random 5. Leaving Houston edition.Random 5. Yeehaa edition.Random 5. Our rental car edition.Random 5. Our rental car edition.
Oh by the way I should mention that I will only add photos that I took with my iPhone so far, as I want to take my time with the other photos this time. and like this you will just some more to look at.

Random 5. Shooting Augusta edition.Random 5. Good mornin' Vegas.Random 5. Good mornin' Vegas.Random 5. Breakfast edition.Random 5. Welcome to Arizona and still driving edition.Random 5. Welcome to Arizona and still driving edition.

Vegas was a blast and somehow overtime I plan to go to Vegas I only plan for a few days and end up wishing I had one more day. Ah well, next time I guess.

Random 5. Relaxed & finally hot day edition.Random 5. Hoover edition.Random 5. Hoover edition.Random 5. More stuff edition.Random 5. On the road edition.Random 5. On the road edition.
On our way to Los Angeles we made a little stop along the way, but got to our Hotel the same day. That trip took us a little longer than I though.

IMG_3053 1IMG_3050IMG_3047IMG_3045w00t. Best breakfast place in town :-)After rock dinner. Take 48 rocked the house. Bigtime.


LA is as lovely as always, even though a bit cooler than I ever experienced in the first few days.



As it is Toms first time in LA, we went for some of the most iconic places which was nice for me as photowise I didn’t want to take the same shots I took 2 years ago for example, so I ended up taking less photo than I thought.




Still enjoying LA and some good stuff is still coming up. Tomorrow we will be a nice day filming (not telling you what yet :-)). Then I hope to meet up with Jonathan at some point and Luca will be here soon too. Eric has invited us ore for Friday and hopefully Nico (hope you are reading this!) 🙂 will somewhere in between also.




I am keeping it short, but I still hope you’ll enjoy the heads up. Besides all the photos and video I taped some ambient audio with audioboo along the way. used to do that a while back, right?! should keep doing that I think.




anyways… lets keep in touch. late all!

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