special project – f-cell world drive and a road trip

it is february and this means a lot of stuff is going to happen. I know I know it’s mid february already, but a lot got into motion this month already and one of the things I can now talk about.
I am in the lucky position to join a very special road trip or trek so to speak. mercedes benz has its 125th year anniversary in 2011 and to celebrate that they have, among other things, started a tour around the world in three very special cars. three mercedes benz b-class f-cell. f-cell being short for fuel cell. meaning the car drives on hydrogen and air alone with zero emissions. It is still a regular car, going to drive like one without any drawbacks.

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the trip is going to take 125 day, through 14 country, for 18,641 mile drive around the globe. me and two buddies of mine will be joining the trek for three days. the two buddies will be no strangers to you if you follow me on any of my channels. alex kahl and gonzague dambricourt. we will be driving the stretch from new orleans to san antonio via houston.

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so we are going to drive a real eco friendly, hightech car for 545 miles, enjoy the scenery and relax. well… a little for sure 🙂 maybe even a lot, but we will also document our trip thoroughly. the reason why I post it here is obviously because I am going to take a lot of photos along the way. our main objective we set for ourselves though is to film our adventure and I don’t want to spoil the surprise yet, but be sure it will be fantastic!

after the tour is done I am going to stay in the us for a two and a half weeks longer. I will be dropping by SXSW drive all the way up to las vegas and los angeles. luckily I won’t be alone on the second leg of the trip. my buddy, great photographer and photoshop wiz tom reimann is coming with me. this is going to be a lot of fun also, tom and me are thinking about a few nice ideas and projects we will be realizing while on the road, which will be a delight I am sure. along the way I have some work to do, but why not mix work and pleasure all along the way as my work is my passion anyway.

keep an eye open here on my blog, but also my twitter and posterous streams, where I will post on a regular basis, and if I actually can find a data-plan that works on the road there will be even more posts.
that’s it for now and I will keep you posted as soon as I start. until then make sure to check out my I’m walkin’ 31 HERE! project and my I am loosing blog.

all the best,


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