model photography – svitlana – three plus one (part II)

As promised the next part of the testshoot svitlana and I did.


I know… this is very… blackmores nightish 🙂

I always wanted to put the light right above my subject and point it right down. there are so many great things you can do with that and I guess this is one of them.


on that day I had packed a bunch of props and costume stuff I have, so I had this hooded cape with me. in addition to that, svitlana wanted to see how comfortable she would be with a bit more, well… less stuff on.


you can do a lot with this setup and I am planing too… it looks nice just lost in the darkness, but with a nice architectural structure, barely visible in the background it could make a really great photo.


hope you enjoy and as always I am happy for any feedback.




  1. true. ist ehrlich… aber sie ist schon sehr durchtrainiert, das licht macht es halt leider so. aber ich wollte eigentlich nicht wirklich was photoshoppen… mal schauen… wenn ich das nochmal mache werde ich mal sehen was ich da anders machen kann… ggf auch mehr drauf acht geben.

    und danke keuel 🙂

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