model photography – svitlana – three plus one (part I)

a few month back I met with svitlana for a few hours of testing. I had a few ideas and things I wanted to try and also svitlana wanted to get some stuff done. and besides… shooting is always fun.


so there is nothing too special going on, very basic studio work, but it helped me get some stuff sorted in my head and the outcome is quite good. we tried to go through a lot of things, changed up a lot of outfits, lights etc.


I am actually looking forward to put the things I learned to use in a shoot soon, but first I need to finish the new studio. Hopefully only one or two more weeks till I can start working properly in there.

so enjoy this first part and please let me know how you like it!


until then, all the best,



  1. Hi Teymur,

    good team work there.

    Like the light specially in the 3rd picture, looks like overhead light which is always great….

    Best to you

  2. I also like the third pic best. Such a cute pose and the lighting is very nice. The first one is to much in-between low key and not for me. Also not crazy about the pose. Number two adds a bit more light to the background and matches the amount of light on the model a bit. Which I think is missing in the first. Overall great work though. And all things said considered. If I took any one of these I’d still be proud of myself. Love your work keep it coming.

  3. thanks a bunch sam, great feedback! always good to hear other peoples opinion and critique. especially if it has substance!!

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