I’m walkin’ – a project in 31 parts – part two

Day two is here…

I actually had to go to the dentist today to get the stitches looked at and afterwards worked from home. nonetheless the tram/subway ride was not too kewl…

I'm walkin' 31 - part two

… somehow I seem to attract the smelly, sick and just annoying people. hehe, I am so not liking this. on the other hand the photo turned out nice. just had two tries at it and got it as had it in mind. three exposures all taken around my station, which actually is another thing with the multiple exposure option in my nikon I haven’t figured out yet or which does maybe just not work. when you set it for a certain number of exposures you have to shoot them fairly quickly after each other. I will look it up in the manual actually, would be nifty if you could do it a bit further apart actually.

oh and I think I am going to try to keep away from black and white for this project… just to push myself a bit more. black and white with this type of photography would be a bit “easy” (for the lack of another word) to pull off.

and to see all the shots of the series so far, just click HERE!

hope you like it and have a great evening,



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