model photography – nadine and the split window

for a few years now I had this 1963 chevrolet corvette split window sitting in my garage. unfortunately not mine. until very recently it was owned by a good friend of mine. and for years I wanted to shoot the car, but it never really happened as I wanted the best possible situation to shoot it. so a few weeks back my friend called me and told me he was about to sell the car. I was kinda shocked. I just had a great idea for a model shoot that I wanted to do, I had at least two more photo ideas for the car and now I only had a few days to do something.

nadine & the split window

I made a decision to go for my latest idea as the other ideas would have needed a specific location and even the right clothing etc… so I called up nadine and asked here if she was up for it, we also asked chloe for make up and very ready to go. my buddy thorsten came over to help me out and assist me.

nadine & the split window

I had two set ups in mind and the pictures below are the first batch. I wanted to get the sunny outside look of her, like she was driving through a desert or so.

I used a large lastolite skylite with a diffusion panel on and shot two of my elinchrom style rx 600 through it and placed the whole thing always behind the car and the model. always trying to fill the frame with it. we had to improvise here and there and use some white skylite sheets without a second frame, but I think we pulled it off. and all in my garage.

nadine & the split window

the strange thing is, I am not very sure we pulled it off. 🙂 I asked a few people and got different answers… most of them think we pulled it off. I wish we would have had more time, as always, but now after some weeks have past I like the outcome. let me know though what you guys think.

nadine & the split window

I really love the colors match and the mood the light gives. if we would have been on location I would have actually tried to get a little blown out detail through the window, but in this environment this works great too.

thats it for now, I will get back to editing video now and leave you guys to your sunday.

have a good one and talk to you soon!



  1. Love the colors in those pictures, when we were in your garage a few days back, i was puzzled where the ‘vette had gone.

    now i know. really nice outcome, though.

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