model photography – good evening from misti

it nearly has been a year since leweb09 and my shooting with misti and it was only at photokina that I rediscovered the not yet uploaded phtoos of misti and one in particular hit me.


this certainly is my most favorite photo of the shoot by now.

I will upload some more in the coming days.

strobist info:

is one bare sb-900 behind misti on the bed, facing her. and one sb900 through a lastolite ezybox from camera left on torso height.


  1. you are so kind.
    I enjoyed your latest photos very much frank, in all this chaos I postponed writing back for so long that I forgot in the end and now I feel bad as I really enjoyed them a lot!

  2. Sorry for my english… I typed my prior message on a iPad and something must have gone wrong…..

    Ket me say it again: 🙂

    Don”t worry, it”s nice to hear that you liked them.

    Keep shooting and post more stuff… I enjoy your work too!

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