model photography – nadine – saying bye and photokina

I can’t believe we got to the end of the first shoot with nadine. it was a long one, with great photos though. and here we are with the grand finale!


we had to come to an end on that day and I just thought why just clean up the make up and not use some of the clothing nadine had brought with her… I told nadine to mess up her hair and make up quickly as I kinda randomized the light setup a bit and there we went, freestyling a few shots to close the day.


it was a long day, with great shots and a cool ending. I for myself took away even more than the shots. as in any shoot I learned a couple of things and one of the most important ones was this time for sure how important a good team is. from model to make up artist to an assistant. nothing beats that.


have a great weekend and I hope to see many of you guys at photokina here in cologne next week. I will be there with the manfrotto school of xcellence and you should most certainly drop by and say hi and see what we have to offer. also make sure to check out the schools website to maybe still get a freespot for a portfolio review or one on one session with joe mcnally for example.


I also will attend a panel at kodaks k-zone on friday which you might be interested in as we are going to talk about social media and photography. you can also follow the link to kodaks 1000words blog, read the article and have a look at the two videos where we panelists introduce ourselves.

all the best,


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