model photography – sensual s. – the beginning

sensual s.

a while ago svitlana and me started thinking about a series of different shots.

going in a certain direction and trying stuff we always wanted to, mixing a shoot with a kind of training for both of us. for this one we didn’t have a make up artist, but that will change next time. we went for a quite simple and classic setup, white bed sheets, simple light and go. there were basically two options, one going high key, or rather low key which we chose… for the very high key I would have liked a different location to use a big window and either use or simulate available light. there are some more photos from this specific set coming and then we will go and shoot some more setups and styles. very much looking forward to that.

sensual s.

sensual s.

sensual s.

let me know what you think so far!

strobist info:

one elinchrom style rx 600 through a medium octa coming from camera left.

all the best,



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