model photography – another introduction – nadine

look at these eyes and you know how and why I contacted nadine the first time and we went shooting…

say hello to nadine

… a few weeks back I stumbled over her profile on a model page and was struck with a few ideas for her. and until now we already shot on two occasions, but we will start slowly here 🙂

say hello to nadine

I had a great idea for a shoot and tried something I had seen on the flickr page of a great photographer called Mark VelaMark Velasquezsquez. here a link to his photo.

I did not want a exact copy, but to refine it with a few ideas of myself. the problem though was that I used black molton cloth for the background. that turned out to be a bad idea if you want those rays to appear. it was just a few days after the shoot that I got the idea to try it with a photo paper background and the sharper edges of paper make great rays.. ah well next time. none the less the outcome of our first shot of the shooting day is to my liking!

also a nice effect I hadn’t thought of in the beginning was that the fog out of the fog machine transported the light from behind the cloth quite well to the front, so we covered most of the sides of the flashes but had a small opening on the left side. this gives her face the illumination you see.

as for nadine… she is such a great and fun person that working with her is a blast. I am really looking forward to create even more great photos with her. when you have a model, that is relaxed and openminded it makes working so much easier and from both sides it gives everyone more space for creativity. of course the photographer should not be too small minded either.

pretty cool stuff. and really worth experimenting with a bit more.

hope you enjoy this and let me assure you… you can be very excited for the coming pictures of nadine… two more shooting days ready and waiting on my hard disk already…

have a great week,



  1. thanks so much frank.
    yeah it really is always great to have new experiences. it really gets boring at times to only do the same thing over and over. even if it means you have to try a few times.

  2. I like this simple yet impressive idea very much. Great eyes indeed! And I have to get me one of those fog machines… 🙂

  3. Wow, great effect. It looks very captivating and original, I especially like the light-transportation and the soft shadows. All looks like planetary creation.

    Compared to the original image, I actually prefer the use of a smaller emitting area – this doesn’t look so much “disco”-alike, and can be seen much more like a distinct object by itself.

    Need to try this as well. 🙂

  4. @marco thanks man, great hearing from you.

    @garvin hehe yeah it is a bit disco like, thats why I also wanted to try to get smaller rays… and sure let me know if you tried it! I will give it another shot also soon.

  5. Great use of the original idea, the bokeh/fog/rays really adds something to it. Next time you could add a laser pointer or a disco ball?

    I might be tired, but I see a face in the background, with a mouth blowing out white air 🙂

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