travel photography – south africa 2010 – the journey begins

as some of you already know I was very lucky to win a contest with kodak that now at this very moment actually takes me to south africa…

south africa 2010 - the journey begins

I will be blogging and posting photos and videos as much as I can throughout this whole week. to make sure you do not miss anything I would recommend you keep visiting my blog here, but also my posterous site at, my twitter account @icedsoul and of course my flickr accounts at (my main account) and (for my secondary account) just to be sure. all the RSS feeds should be working fine.

south africa 2010 - the journey begins

south africa 2010 - the journey begins

I am actually quite tired right now as I am awake about 21 hours now and sitting around here at the airport for a few hours isn’t really helping 🙂 might get some more coffee…


I will be traveling to johannesburg via amsterdam and stay there for the next 2 days and the move on to wonderful durban.


if you have any photo related request or questions let me know, also if you are in the area and want to meet up, do not hesitate and send me an email.

south africa 2010 - the journey begins

I really would like to promise that the videos I take and make will be up within the time I am traveling, but from experience of previous trips it might be to time consuming, especially the rendering and uploading and I might need at least a little bit of sleep in between, but smaller pieces of video will make it through for sure… raw and uncut probably… you know the drill by now I guess.


all the best for now,





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  1. Lieber Teymur!

    Ich wünsche dir eine tolle und angenehme Reise und jede Menge bunte, tolle und aufregende Fotos aus Südafrika und natürlich von der WM. Viel Spass!

  2. Lass es Dir gut gehen in Süd Afrika. Bin gespannt auf Deine Videos. Viel Spass und komme heile wieder.

    LG, Alexx

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