travel photography – second and third day in durban

I know a lot of you where waiting for a post yesterday, but I hope you were ok with the posterous posts I did from the stadium, as I fell asleep importing the photos from my D3 at night. 🙂


and we were out and about all day today, so time was a bit limited for editing. I still hope you enjoy and have the patience to go through all of them, as this is a huuuuuge upload.


yesterday was the big day here for madlen, shelton and me. the match germany vs. australia was on and we had some extremly cool tickets!

well let me start with the beginning of the day actually… you guys are still in joburg with me, so I will continue from there. after a rather quick breakfast and not too much sleep, I packed up and and headed for the airport with shelton after saying bye to the other bloggers. all would have been good and easy if there wasn’t the thing about weight… well… no, not mine. this time at least :-).

south african airline has very strict and very different rules for the luggage you are allowed to take with you, its weight and all. and it differs quite a bit from what I was allowed on my klm flight from amsterdam. what I do not understand is, that when you come from an international flight with a certain amount of luggage, how are you supposed to make it go away or become less when switching to a national flight while traveling… well… a lot of discussions, missing my first flight and about 50 euros later I was at the gate waiting for the next flight to durban.

everything went well from there on and I even met some german soccer royalty at the airport. from oliver kahn to gerhard mayer vorfelder. poor oliver kahn getting harassed by fans wanting to take millions of photos and so on.

finally at the hotel shelton and I relaxed a bit until madlen arrived and it was time for the big match. it started to get more and more packed the closer we got to the stadium and I was surprised to see so many german fans. funny enough there were a lot of non german, german fans, if you know what I mean.

as far as I can say everyone behaved well, the security guys were awesomely friendly everything went smoothly.

our seats were as I already mentioned aaaaamazing! as you can probably see in my photos we were really close and right in the middle. I had my 70-200mm nikkor lens with me, just to give you a little idea.



by the way… I HATE VUVUZELAS!!! just sayin’.

the atmosphere in the stadium was so intoxicating and wonderful. we had quite a lot of aussies around us, well plus shelton, and obviously they were not too happy about the result and all, but still friendly all the way and up for a joke here and there.


not too bore you too much with my words, I will leave you with the photos of the match now. oh maybe just to mention that former german coach berti vogts was sitting right behind us.




today then we went for a bit of a photowalk at the durban beach front. to my surprise we immediately came across a skatepark with a lot of guys on bmx bikes and skateboards. well, being the photographers that we are, we went for it like a bunch of kittens that just discovered a ball of wool.



talked to a few of the guys after a while and really got into it, planning some ideas of ours and them. it really went well if I might say and I hope you enjoy the outcome as I do.







being a bit sweaty and tired and having spent about two hours in the skate park we went for a few cool drinks and a snack.



stumbling over a zulu dance group another shoot was about to happen.





what a great day… actually two great and extremely memorable days in south africa! my first ever soccer match live in a huge stadium and it is the first german match at the 2010 worldcup. well it doesn’t get much better than that… oh wait… it actually does! meeting and being able to spend time with these amazing people I have met on this trip is just unbeatable. this goes out to you guys! madlen, shelton and shem!


good luck and good night!


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