model photogrpahy – introducing katja



a few weeks ago a buddy of mine asked whether I have the time to shoot a friend of his, that is visiting cologne. even though a bit short notice I was very happy too and was able to organize on of my fav makeup artists, sandra.


click on more for the rest of the story and the other photos.


I had something specific in mind from the day I talked to katja on the phone. in that regard I am not 100% satisfied with the outcome, but as the photos standing for themselves I think thy came out pretty good.

the shoot was not too long and the weather kept changing, which made it a bit difficult in some situations to keep the exposure and everything right.



strobist info:

for these 3 photos I used one sb-900 through a lastolite ezybox on a avenger c-stand on camera right always pointing straight at the model. the height was always pointed at her center! I could have used a bit bigger softbox, but hey 🙂


and here the video that my buddy detlev was kind enough to record while we shot!


enjoy and let me know what you think. also you can direkt all you inquires to shoot with katja to her directly on the sedcard at the modelkartei. and I need to mention that she was a trooper, as it was quite cold out side that day, but she did not complain or need any unnecessary breaks.


thats it for today.

all the best,


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