photo project – zombies52 – week XVIII – red light

zombies52 - week XVIII - red light

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“after a week of walking, spying and figuring out a way to get in, we just sat down have a little drink and hell broke loose…

we knew that there was still electricity in the building and also the fence was
charged, but this just got a whole lot freakier than I thought it ever could be… turrets coming out of the ground, spotlights, and drones flooding the whole area.

we were lucky… very lucky, got away just as the bullets started flying our direction. and the really weird part I was getting too… and I would bet on my dead wives grave… I save at least 5 human beings in full riot gear running around behind the fence!

so WHAT is this crap?! the holyman and I need to gear up and get back there… with a better plan, we did not expect this, but next time we wont get caught hands in our pockets. if there are still people alive, with food, water, electricity and weapons, I want answers. and A LOT of them!”

just in case you wonder… this is my new photo project I started. here you’ll find a video that explains it a bit more… CLICK and here the weeks you maybe have missed already WEEK I, WEEK II, WEEK III, WEEK IV, WEEK V, WEEK VI, WEEK VII, WEEK VIII, WEEK IX, WEEK X, WEEK XI, WEEK XII, WEEK XIII, WEEK XIV, WEEK XV, WEEK XVI and WEEK XVII.

strobist info:
one nikon sb900 with a honl grid on camera left facing my face directly. then two more sb900s behind the glass door facing upwards with red gels velcroed on. all set to TTL. the ones in the back were at +3 EV and the one for my face at +1 if I am not mistaken.

the video will be hopefully up the coming week.

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enjoy and let me know what you think.

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