photo project – zombies52 – week XVII – graveyard shift… quite literally

photo project - zombies52 - week XVII - graveyard shift... quite literally

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“I used to love working the graveyard shift… no matter where I worked. even from home. the nights were always so peaceful and quite. most people I knew where asleep. I could concentrate much better.

now though… where graveyard shift just fits even better as the whole wide world is one huge graveyard… I can’t concentrate. I can’t sleep well, though I am always sleepy. at least as soon as I sit down… not good when I need to keep watch over the holyman… and myself of course.

I am also planning our next exploration mission. a huge factory close by. it seems sealed off though somehow. we had a look around and all the space behind the fence seems clean… no trash, no bodies, nothing. like it would have looked before the outbreak. the windows are close and intact, as are the doors.

but for now I need some… re.. nah I need coffee!”

just in case you wonder… this is my new photo project I started. here you’ll find a video that explains it a bit more… CLICK and here the weeks you maybe have missed already WEEK I, WEEK II, WEEK III, WEEK IV, WEEK V, WEEK VI, WEEK VII, WEEK VIII, WEEK IX, WEEK X, WEEK XI, WEEK XII, WEEK XIII, WEEK XIV, WEEK XV and WEEK XV.

strobist info:

ok I am not really sure if the whole strobist thing really applies, as I did not use a flash, but a constant light source. I used a litepanels micro pro with the milky and orange gel on it, coming from camera right faceing my head through red glass.
very simple and easy.

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