.:manfrotto magic staff – you shall not pass!!!…

without an interview… 🙂

my manfrotto magic staff!

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well it really looks like one and I guess you could used it for some nordic walking action or hiking.

I used to use the wonderful light and sturdy manfrotto 190XDB for this, but it has one problem… it takes up quite some space and isn’t too easy to handle if you try to save space when you just need to place it quickly on a small space.

the mono pod is a manfrotto 561BHDV. and yes I put the video head away for now as I will use it differently for now.

ontop of this I mounted a manfrotto 233B. which basically is a camera/flash mount with a telescopic arm.

I use my panasonic GF-1 with the 20mm pancake lens on it to record videos. the red thingy ontop f the GF-1 is my ZOOM H4n to record wonderful audio whenever needed. the red hairy thing on my zoom is a wonderful handmade windscreen made by redhead windscreens on hawaii. the guy making these is a very nice guy and also a great photog and videographer. you can find a lot of videos on his page, also how good the windscreen works.

for the situation you need to lighten up your subject I have mounted a litepanles micro pro, which is just one amazing piece of lighting equipment I have used quite a bit in the past weeks, if it was my zombies52 behind the scenes videos or my jeff jarvis mini interview.

I also used it for a small spontaneous portrait series last week when we were visiting berlin and attending re:publica 2010.

re:publica 2010 - tag 2re:publica 2010 - tag 2re:publica 2010 - tag 2re:publica 2010 - tag 2re:publica 2010 - tag 2re:publica 2010 - tag 2re:publica 2010 - tag 2re:publica 2010 - tag 2re:publica 2010 - tag 2re:publica 2010 - tag 2

another great thing about this monopod setup is that it is quit variable in height and use.

my manfrotto magic staff!my manfrotto magic staff!my manfrotto magic staff!

I will record a video hopefully this week, showing all this a bit more in detail, but I wanted to show this today real quickly as I just got it.

take care and talk to you soon!


  1. How does the H4 connect to your camera? I was wondering whether I was able to redo this setup with my H2…

  2. heya stk.

    I got myself a cold shoe flash adapter by hama. you just screw it under H4n or H2 (I am actually not sure if the H2 has the same possibility to screw a tripod mount screw under it) thats it. there are several different versions by a lot of companies. I paid 12 euro I think.

  3. Ah, I saw the thread at the *back* of the H4n only now… the H2 got it on the bottom. That’s gonna look nerdy ^^

  4. lol, but sou could get one with a “swivle” head or so where you can adjust the way it sits on the camera and its direction… there are alot of choices for that.

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