.:carrots, eggs and blood – zombies52 – week XIII

.:carrots, eggs and blood - zombies52 - week XIII

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“its dark here… I have no idea… what is happening… where’s the holyman… hello??? HELLOOO?! what the… did he just leave me here? where am I? I feel weird and cold… this is too surreal for me right now, I just need a drink or two and a bed.

AAAAHHH there is no floor… I am standing but there is NO FLOOOOOR!

I gotta get out of here… fast… I think I’m going to throw up… I need carrots… carrots?! what the… carrots would be nice now… some fresh, green grass.

I’m dizzy… I can’t think right… these strange memories… I feel like I am watching myself running down this… dark… whatever it is…

carrots… eggs… running… blood… carrots… HEEEEEELP!!!”

first of all… happy easter everyone who celebrates… or is into it somehow.

then I just want to add that this shot is done all IN CAMERA and was not PHOTOSHOPPED at all. I used the multiple exposure mode in my nikon D3.

have a great day and let me know what you think.

just in case you wonder… this is my new photo project I started. here you’ll find a video that explains it a bit more… CLICK and here the weeks you maybe have missed already WEEK I, WEEK II, WEEK III, WEEK IV, WEEK V, WEEK VI, WEEK VII, WEEK VIII, WEEK IX, WEEK X, WEEK XI and WEEK XII.

strobist info:

this was shot with two exposure in camera, the first one lokking up was shot with a nikon sb900 through a lastolite ezybox softbox from camera right high above pointing down on me. the second exposure was another sb900 through a ezybox from camera left below me facing up. more in the behind the scenes video later the coming week.

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