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manfrotto you ask?

jip the company that provides photographers and videographers with quality gear is stepping up their game! with all photo and video enthusiasts in mind they have gathered a team of amazing and very successful photo and video pros to bring us an ongoing series of video tutorials and web seminars.

pros like bill frakes, joe mcnally, drew gardner and many many more will share their knowledge and tips in seminars of 30 to 45 minutes each plus video and editorial tutorials.

I think its great to see a big player like manfrotto does not”only” care about producing good products, but also cares about its community and the people that use their gear. and the people that don’t actually, as you do not need to own a single piece of manfrotto gear to participate.

and the best thing… its FREEEEEEEEEEE!


everything starts with a webinar by bill frakes on april first. he will talk about his backyard babies video shoot and give his insight to the whole process.

best thing for all attendees is that a live chat will be in place to participate. PLUS if you want to ask bill a specific and certain question, you can head over to the official manfrotto flickr group and post your question there, the five best question will then be presented to him directly to be answered.

and already a week later the wonderful joe mcnally will give a seminar on “what you can do with one light”

these are amazing news! so head over and register now for BOTH webinars if you like.

I just did and now wish you a great day and great shooting!

be safe,


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