.:end of the beginning?! – zombies52 – week VIII

.:end of the beginning?!

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“the holyman that nearly crashed into me, seemed to be a good man to team up with… heck he was the only human being I had seen alive in weeks and now I am running after him as zombies are running after me. I just hope his faith is enough for both of us, as this is turning into a mess.

this complex is too big and confusing.

we took my car to scout the area and he just jumped out shouting something about a girl and off he was. faster then I would have thought, but also very risky, now we are both running. well, if I count his boss in we are three…

lets hope he is with us!


just in case you wonder… this is my new photo project I started. here you’ll find a video that explains it a bit more… CLICK and here the weeks you maybe have missed already WEEK I, WEEK II, WEEK III, WEEK IV, WEEK V, WEEK VI and WEEK VII.

strobist info:

very straight forward this time, just a nikon sb900 in an orbis ringflash adapter over the 24-70mm lens of my d3. the flash was triggered via cord and set to rear curtain sync for the movement effect in camera.

the behind the scenes video:

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