.:rest in peace – zombies52 – week IV

.:rest in peace

click on more for the whole story…“goodbye my love!
I will miss you forever and beyond that. you always stood by my side and I, in our darkest hour couldn’t help you! I failed you and I will never forgive myself for that. I hope that you will find peace out here and none of these horrific creatures will ever get to you again.

I will leave now…
I will leave town…
I will leave everything behind besides you as you are in my heart for eternity.

this place has noting left for me and not one single living human seems to be left, but I can’t loose hope…

and as long as I can find gas for my car I will drive and as long as I can find weapons, I will kill zombies!


I will need to gear up ASAP!!!

rest in peace my love!”

just in case you wonder… this is my new photo project I started. here you’ll find a video that explains it a bit more… bit.ly/8yOf3W

strobist info:
two sb-900 left and right of the camera pointing directly at me. no diffuser, no gel. set to full manual 1/1 to overpower the sun and it just worked 🙂
I’ll add a behind the scenes video to my blog tomorrow hopefully.

whitebalace was set to shadow to get the orange pop out more and just a little burning and touh up with lighrooms adjustmentbrush. all together about 7 minutes of work.

wishing you all the best


  1. ausser dem flickr comment:
    Die Storry schreitet mit großen Schritten vorran, bin gespannt wie du die restlichen 47 Wochen noch füllen wirst!

    Bin mal wieder auf das Video gespannt!
    Hau rein, weiter so!

  2. manchmal echt schwer dich zu verstehen, grad wenn du dich von der camera abwendest. ansonsten interessant, grad von der blitztechnik. und hast du am anfang da echt blumenerde ausgeschüttet, bzw erde halt?

  3. yeah I’m gonna try to use my H4n for the audio next time. although the zi8 still did a terrific job in that situation.

    and jip… blumenerde 🙂

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