.:not good, not good at all… – week II

.:not good, not good at all... - week II

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“I can’t believe a whole week is over… just like that and no one ever came to help us or at least give us information, but no… no one. most of our neighbors are gone or at least tried to leave, completely underestimating these creatures.

the one neighbor we have real contact to helps us out where he can and we support him as good as possible but in the past two days he ended up helping me more and more, as anne is not feeling well. I am scared! I am scared that she has what THEY have! so peter, our neighbor, has agreed to look after my lovely wife for the time I am away. if I can trust him you ask… I do not know 100%, but what chance do I have, if I want to save anne I need to find a doctor or some government official or so. I can’t move here at all anymore so I have to leave her here to at least give her some comfort. we sealed our house of as good as possible I would say, it is light and sound proof, barricaded and well…hopefully not interesting at all anymore. everything seems to have settled down a bit, but I am not going to risk anything if not really necessary.

anne doesn’t want me to leave, but what chance do I have?! I couldn’t find any of my friends… but they might have been on the road looking for me at the same time as far as I know or they are already dead as my… my parents are… from a certain age you know you have to say goodbye to them at some point, but like that. I probably will never forget, any of this. I buried them quite close to their house… I hope they are save their and can rest now. and I am so sorry for not being able to protect you! I am so sorry…”

strobist info:
I used one sb-900 wired to my cam to fire the three other sb-900s. one snooted and pointed to my face, one hanging from a c-stand with an grid attached to it pointing directly down to on the my “wife” (@zauberfrau, the wonderful julia) and the last one is behind my buddy thorsten, our “neighbor”, orange gelled pointing away from him towards the wall and celling behind him.

oh for the sb-900 for julia I started with a light green gel, that didn’t really come out at all, then went for a stronger one which was waaaayy over the top and looked completely wrong to not gelling it at all and doing it in post. I honestly wanted to do it in camera, but we were at it for some time already and I didn’t want to bother them for too long. next time I need to prepare a bit better.

just in case you wonder… this is my new photo project I started. here you’ll find a video that explains it a bit more… bit.ly/8yOf3W

and here is the video with the setup and… well… the stuff 🙂 I need to film more in the week and actually start screen capturing, as a lot of my work is on the computer… (it might need some time to be available on youtube though).

oh and one bog new thing on my blog is, thanks to the wonderful dominik schwind, that you can now navigate on the main blogpage from post to post and to the next and previous pages by the cursor keys of your keyboard. up and down to go from post to post and left and right to flick through the pages. he also was kind enough to get the lightbox plugin running on the blog now. you can in there also navigate with the left and right key or you click on it and get to my flickr page.



  1. Ergänzend zum flickr comment:

    Wieder mal Danke für das “Making of”. Als kleiner Verbesserungsvorschlag… ich fänds klasse wenn du die Cam manchmal etwas ruhiger halten würdest…
    Mir kommts vor als ob du damit gestikulierst. Manchmal könnteste etwas länger auf die Sachen drauf halten und mit ein bisschen “Drum herum” zeigen. Da, denke ich, würd ich zumindest mehr sehen können 😉

    Ansonsten – TOP!

    Achja, und ist das DIE Zauberfrau?
    Die aus “Daily Booth”? Auf dem Bild hätt’ ich sie jetzt garnicht erkannt…

  2. jip ist DIE zauberfrau 🙂

    und du hast vollkommen recht. werde das in zukunft mal versuchen mit einem stativ oder so zu machen und dann noch mit einer andere zu zeigen oder so… nur manchmal muss es leider was schneller gehgen.
    ich werd aber mein bestes geben… und danke für den tollen comment!!!

  3. Hey, cooles teil.

    Finde die Idee immer noch super 😉

    sehen uns ja dannheute abend.

    Bis denne.

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