.:buuaaaahhh!!! – zombies52 – week III


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“this is so f***ed up I can’t even tell you… this one of those days!
I am at the hospital and its like zombie HQ over here. I just made it out of here. this is the third hospital by the way I am at. I can’t find one doctor or anything.
my wife is feeling worse everyday and I am not sure there is anything I or anyone can do…
people were either much smarter than us or all dead… I am just pondering what to do. we have to get out, no idea where to, but we have to find a doctor, a cure, a save place. I salvaged some medicine of which I am not sure what it does and how anne will react to it but we have to try.
those zombie movies might be bull, but one thing I can really attest to is good CARDIO really helps and I need to find weapons! a lot of weapons!
which brings me to the strange noises and gunshots at night. zombies don’t seem to use guns so I still hope to find PEOPLE!
pshhht! somethings there… I think someone’s coming and I am stuck here on the roof… CRAAAAP! run, run run… if I make it to the stairs I am out… HEEEELP!


strobist info:
extremly easy and quick this time… one sb-900 on a gorillapod attached to the handrail. TTL and without a domediffuser zoomed to 200mm.

just in case you wonder… this is my new photo project I started. here you’ll find a video that explains it a bit more… bit.ly/8yOf3W

I will add the video tomorrow hopefully!!!

and many many thanks to my buddies @dominik @thilokayser and @bindermichi for helping me out!!!

uh and a nice behind the scenes photo by @dominik

Il Maestro

finally the video is ready. still processing the HQ and HD version though.


  1. Hehe! OK, also ihr habt nicht gefragt ob ihr da hoch dürft… 😀 da wäre meine Frage mit dem Video auch schon beantwortet!

    Das Video find ich diesmal irgendwie besonders cool…
    gerade den ersten Teil vom Camp usw… (Art des Videos usw…)!

    Und wieder bin ich auf die nächste Woche gespannt wies weiter geht!

    Hau rein! 😉

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