.:introducing a new model – and some older stuff…

well well… I know this year wasn’t my big blogging year, but rest assured the is a lot planned for the next one. some changes to the blog, and also content wise. no need to panic though, I will keep posting most of the photos I take… as I did all year.

and I am glad to get all the feed from you guys. it really helps to pump me even more up. I love my work and I love the interaction. oh and for those who didn’t know it yet I also started posting to my posterous blog over at http://icedsoul.posterous.de, but thats a mostly offtopic (or rather photography unrelated) stuff. you might enjoy it anyway 🙂

now here we go with some photos I uploaded in the past few days of lucia.


very fashion oriented, but quite simple.

then yesterday I uploaded a photo of a new model I took when I was in southern germany a few weeks back. I teased her and the shoot in this post.

jacky. a fresh and beautiful model that was a lot of fun to shoot with. she was also full of energy and not to weary at any point. I also think this photo shows a nice new quality to my photos. a little step up I’d say, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!!!


all the best,


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