.:panasonic gf-1 meets the novoflex adapter – parytime

after a few weeks and actually just expecting it for the beginning of november my novoflex lens adapter for micro fourthirds cameras arrived. I recently bought a panasonic gf-1 as a replacement for my lost panasonic lx-3. its a beautiful camera, but from the beginning I knew I wanted to be able to attach my nikon lenses to it, especially for recording video. and not much beats a 50mm 1.4 in my opinion anyway 🙂

so it arrived and here you have a a few shots of the adapter ring itself, attached to the gf-1 and and with the 50mm 1.4 af-s added also. and on the last photo I just tested how the hoodman loupe looks on it. and it actually works great with it. I was originally thinking about buying the optional viewfinder for the gf-1, but I might reconsider… 🙂

I will post photos and videos and maybe even comparison photos with the d3 also in the coming week hopefully. for now enjoy these, I will relax now a little bit as I am off for another shoot tomorrow morning.

take care

novoflex meets gf-1novoflex meets gf-1novoflex meets gf-1novoflex meets gf-1
novoflex meets gf-1novoflex meets gf-1novoflex meets gf-1novoflex meets gf-1
novoflex meets gf-1novoflex meets gf-1


  1. Hey, I’m stoked to find someone else with the same setup! Hopefully you won’t mind me firing a support question your way. I’ve been having some issues getting things working with the adapter and the GF1. Drop me an email if you don’t mind helping out.


  2. 🙂 and I for sure do not mind helping out if I can, but I do not see your email. send me one under tm at icedsoul.de


  3. hi there,
    Very nice setup. Just want to ask you how you are finding the novaflex adapter. How does its aperture ring work with your nikon 1.4G lens? Does it mechanically alter the aperture on the lens itself or electronic in some way?

    Iam interested as at the moment iam only using one of those cheaper adapters. They work fine with older lens that have their own aperture rings but not for newer ones.

    And also do u have any tips on manual focusing? I find it a bit of a pain to have to select the left arrow and then click on the center button before the lcd will show the magnified focus assist. Coz if you used the actual panasonic lens, a turn of the focus ring on the lens will automatically zoom in the lcd view…

    Plus i find that the lack of a bigger grip on the gf1 (g1 has it), makes it harder to hold the camera especially the fact that it becomes very front heavy with a nikon lens attached.

    let me know your thoughts



  4. thx man.
    well the ring work perfectly with all my lenses so far. I guess its mechanical, but no sure about it. its very high quality also.
    as for the focusing… it really needs some getting used to I think. I did not use the magnification yet to be honest. I test were the right focus is and then refocus before I video or take the picture… not to perfect, but hey. 🙂
    I am ok with the grip, as I got the cam to be as small as possible also. working with a manfrotto modo steady might help you out there. it makes it very nice. or if its a static shot in either way, just a regular mafrote tripod for example..

    hope that helps a little!

    al the best

  5. Funktioniert dan die autofocus funktione wie üblich?
    Ich habe ein adapter für H-blad´zeiss -> nikon 700.
    Aber dann muss alles manuell eingestellt. werden

  6. nah, unfortunately not. manual focus only!

    the hassi- nikon adapter sounds awesome too.
    do you have a link for that maybe? or some pics?

    all the best,

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