.:grawr – an adventure comes to its end

well well… here you have it folks… the whole nine yards… well… the last picture of my geeking shoot with the wonderful casey mckinnon in los angeles.

I wrote about it before here on the blog and you can get all the info in the post.

this here is the last photo of this part and a great ending to a great shoot with an amazing and fun person. hopefully you enjoyed it as still do.


and just for kicks… the whole bunch of ’em all together…

take this fooooooolz!mhhhmmm!!!nomnomnom!!!uuuuuhhhh!!!!

hm?just a bit more...uuuuhlalalathe heat is on!!!


all the best and enjoy your sunday!!!


p.s.: oh what the heck… here you also have the rest of the geeking pics…


just a little more...is that all?yes! I painted all these!!!

up up and away!!!oh my!OH!

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