.:a little update of the past days – and all

well, well, well…

its been a few days since my last post and I am sorry for the lack of postings, but I am very busy at the moment and have a lot of photos to edit and new shootings to plan. I hope to have some behind the scences stuff from older shoots ready for you soon and from now on more and better BTS coming.

especially as I just got a brand new kodak zi8, which is a great little device to record up to 1080p HD video. me and a few friends and strangers (actually other bloggers) attended an event by kodak in hamburg, germany. very well organized and also attended by kodak CMO and VP jeffrey w. hayzlett and kodaks kees mulder.

we were introduced to the new zi8 by them and alexander franz köllner of ifranz.tv and were all given a zi8. I am impressed. and so I will be able to take videos again after my lx-3 went awall on me…

if you want to get a few still impressions of the event head over to the floatingcast flickr group and have a look around.


as soon as the first videos are up, I’ll let you know… most likely through twitter though.

besides that I posted a few pics of buddies ofmine I took while on other shoots, either to setup the shot or on a break, just that you don’t get any funny ideas.

who's the manyou know thats bad for you?!whatcha lookin' at?!

and on last sunday ben, thorsten and I went to the connichi cosplay convention in kassel, germany to test a little strobist setup we planned for a big event we are about to shoot.
we decided just to post a few shots as we weren’t there officially just to give you guys and impression.


conichiwa maidconichiwa panda

you can find bens over at his flickr stream.

and last but not least… from one of the shoots I did in the past weeks a picture of a wonderful young model. it was the first time we shot together and I was very impressed by here. we started off with some beauty shots and here I bring you the first shot of laura!


as always I will be delighted to hear from you, so let me know what you guys think!

all the best and hopefully till soon

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