.:lens baby composer – yeahaaa

a few weeks back I checked my twitter client and had a few congratulation tweets coming in and not the slightest idea what was going on! apparently I had missed a tweet by the great scott bourne tha informed me that I had won a lensbaby composer. scott was and still is giving away lensbabys and drobos left and right on his twitter account and I was lucky enough to get one! thanks for that again scott!

I still hadn’t had they time to test the composer as much as I want to and certainly not the time to get used to using it intuitively, but I can say so much… it has a LOT of potential! and it is alot of fun!

lensbaby testlensbaby testlensbaby test

and today I went out and bought the creative aperture disk kit for the lensbaby lenses and this is even more fun and bears alot of nice possibilities.


these are just a few snapshots, but I’ll post more photos as soon as I have the time to shoot.


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